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Flyball Chat - Add me to the list of Who's Who

You do not have to be on the list to chat. It provides other chatters with a small amount of info on you so that you don't spend the night telling people what team you are on and what dogs you have.

I suggest you wait until after your second visit to Flyball Chat before submitting your information - just to make sure you really like it.

Only provide as much information as you feel comfortable giving

Your info will normally be added within 24 hrs.

You only need to submit it once unless you make a mistake

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Please do not include dog's status (retired, deceased, puppy) or titles (FDX, FDCH, FMX etc)as they will not be displayed. Thanks

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Your info is added to the list by a human who will attempt to post it within 24 hrs. Only submit the info once unless you make a mistake. Thanks.