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Chat Nights are Wednesdays & Saturdays at 8:00 PM (Atlantic Time) or anytime.
If no one is here - just wait a while. Someone will be here sooner or later.

Any group is free to use it at any time or join us.

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 Jovi – first dog to reach the 40,000 point level in NAFA region 10 – loved by Carl and Gwen Dingee from FAME 

Photo Courtesy of You can give the credit to Jules Comeau, Kaleano Photo,


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Flyball Chat - Who's Who

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Login Name
Real Name
Dog(s) - Breed(s)
2redracers Cindy Corriveau Waukesha, WI
High Fives Scarlet - BC
Misfit "Missile" - BC
Tymer - Mix
Jackie Tomayer

Lloydminster, AB

Lloydminster Hotdoggers Kacy - Australian Shepherd
Allie - Terrier Mix
Ice - Australian Shepherd
Amanda (Shagdoll) Amanda Joudrey Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
Maple Leaps

Zoe - Labrador Retriever (Yellow)
Chilli - Mix
Moth - Red & White BC

AmandaRR Amanda Ontario
Running Rampant Kylie - JRT
AmyG Amy Gunter Brandon, Manitoba
Inner Drive K9 Sports Drayke - Weimaraner
Rant - SBT
Spinn - Border Collie
Rysk - BJ
Andrew Andrew Mouser - Iron Dogs Cogi - Texas Heeler
Nike - Texas Heeler
Willie - Terrier Mix
animalluver - Homer - Daschund
Lu Lu Belle - Mix Blue Heeler/unknown
AnitaLietash Anita LaPlante Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Megabyte - Boston Terrier
Anja Anja Evans Regina, Saskatchewan
Ruff Riders Day - Australian Shepherd
Crash - Australian Shepherd
Strega - Border Collie
Flirt - Australian Shepherd
Skid - Border Collie
Ride - Border Collie
Peggy - Keeshond
Tuff - Keeshond
Angushaley Colin Bruce

Bolwarra Heights, NSW, Australia


Angus - BC
Haley - BC
Belle - BC

Annabell Wendy Australia
Bellarine Dog Activities Group - Buchaneers Mister Scotty - Australian Terrier X
Miss Annabell - Cocker Spaniel X
Ardath(Patches) Ardath Payne Houston, Texas
Gulf Coast Mavericks Miss Ellie - BC Mix
Patches - Border collie
Astro Wendy Gauntlett Melbourne, Australia
Croydon Rockets Astro - Border Collie
Kimberly L Kasserman

Houston, TX

Flat Out Flyers Zoom - Border Terrier
Suzanne Goyetche

Saint John, New Brunswick

Push Play! Dugan - Australian Shepherd
Tango - Australian Shepherd
AZ Kate Kate Turpin Yuma, Arizona
Xtreme Heat Dancer - Sheltie
River - Border Collie
Fetish - Jack Russell Terrier
Rukus - Border Collie
badbcs Patty Raymond Eagle, Michigan
Quicksilver Suzy - Border Collie
Tiny - Border Collie
Polly - Border Collie
Casper - Border Collie
PeeWee - Yorkie-Poo
BaileyShasta Nancy Thornton Calgary, Alberta
Calgary Konfuzion

Bailey - Mix
Shasta - Mix
Oakley - Australian Shepherd
Tally - Parsons Russell Terrier

Barbara(Dax) Barbara Craig Lakeland, Florida
Florida Air Xpress Eve - Border Collie
Cruizer - Jack Russell
Geordi - Border Collie
Zipper - Jack Russell
Prix - BorderJack
bccentral Kristin and Mike Van Der Brink Luverne, MN
Dynomutts Harley - Shep X
Baxter - Border Collie
Mollie - Border Collie
Torii Leigh - Border Collie
bcelliot Joy Elliot Maine
Maine Coast Runners Meg - Border Collie
Tag - Border Collie
Raven - Border Collie
bcnut1 Fran Boughter Missouri Valley, IA
Omaha Speed Racers Bryna - Border Collie
Aengus - Mix
Spring - Border Collie
Tucker - English Pointer
BCSam Sam Ford Houston, TX
Lone Star Ruffnecks Missy - Border Collie
Bess - Border Collie
bedlngtn Robyn Beeler-Nichols Westcoast, MN
Maine Coast Runners Buzz - Short Legged JRT
Dash - Bedlington Terrier
Spanky - Bedlington Terrier
Rebel - Bedlington Terrier
Sizzle - Bedlington Terrier
Dewey - Chihuahua
belgium Belgium
Jumpers Vienna - Border Collie
Bellalago2 Sandy Cimarolli Wolverine Lake, Michigan
Ballistics Lago - Terv
Ammo - Sheltie
Bellla - Terv
BenjiMax Dexter Sim Singapore
CrazyK9s@Flyball Kaiser - BC
Buddy - BC
Max - BC
Keesha - Aust Shepherd
Micky - BC
Mikah - BC
Pal - Shetland Sheepdog
Benji - BC
Bill (Phineas) Bill Kelman Buffalo New York
Buffalo Wings Bonnie - Border Collie
Annie - Border Collie
Phineas - Border Collie
Billie Coleman St. George, Utah Flying Colors Chaka - German Shorthair
Beezer - Rat Terrier
Blew Bayou Sue F. Greensboro, North Carolina
Blew Bayou Moki - Australian Shepherd
Blitzen - Border Collie
Sprocket - Virtual Pet
blgnterv Lorraine Jennings Greeneville, Tennessee A.R.F. Pretty Boy Floyd- Jack Raptor Terrorist
Faro - Belgian Tervuren
Wafe - Belgian Tervuren


Val Culpin

Abbotsford, B.C.

Dogwood Pacesetters
Foster - JRT
Blitz - Border Jack
Stash - Border Collie
Bluebird1000 N Lawrence Richland, Washington
Birmingham Bandits Rose - Aussie
blucowdog Alyson Brown Dallas, Texas
Hyper Flight Bravo - ACD
Gage - ACD
Shiner - ACD
Reno - ACD
Bob(Mig) Bob Ottenbrite Mount Uniacke,
Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Spring - Border Collie
Mig - Border Collie
Lakota - Australian Shepherd
Sting - Belgian Malinouse
Tull - German Shepherd
Lily - Australian Shepherd
Channel - Akita
BobsArrow Bob Olson Oakdale, MN
Animal Inn Tripper Arrow - Border Collie
Boomer Andrea Goss Grand Valley, Ontario
Pawzie Traction Boomer - Border Collie
Heather - Border Collie
Kera - White German Shepherd
Garth Brooks - American Eskimo
Angel - American Eskimo
Cheetah - Dutch Shepherd
Jean Schaeffer Syracuse, NY
NA Sam - Terrier mix
Borris Deanne Stolk Edmonton, Alberta
Quadrun Borris - Border Collie
Sammi - Border Collie/Springer Spaniel X
Brdrcolliema - Heather Heather North Dakota
- Bosco - Border Collie
Foxtrot - Shetland Sheepdog
brenda20 Brenda M Southaven, MS
- Joe - Border Collie
Trigger - Border Collie
Brenm51 Brenda Mejia Cathedral City, CA
Bryson Brett Williams
Chairperson, Board of Directors
Las Vegas, Nevada
Touch-N-Go Bryson - Belgian Malinois
Viper - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Vanquish - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Stitch - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Fancy - Border Collie
Flash - Mix Breed
Venom - Dutch Shepherd
Damage - Dutch Shepherd
BTsInMD Donna Sapp Baltimore, Maryland
No Speed Limit Gally - Border Terrier
Harry - Border Terrier
Free - Border Terrier
buffynboo John C. Tresise Reno, Nevada
RF Revolution Buffy - Labrador Retriever, Yellow
Peekaboo - Labrador Retriever, Black
Bungee Beth Chapman

Phoenix AZ

Heatwave Jenna - Border Collie
Bungee - Border Collie
Cabot's Crew Wendy & John Rudolph Halifax, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Cabot - NS Duck Tolling Retriever
Calliewag Rhonda Dunn Ramona, California
Heat Wave Cody - Jack Russell Terrier
Callie - Mixed Breed
Wyatt - Jack Russell Terrier
Canine ExJRTs Maureen McKernon Michigan
Canine Express Jera - Jack Russell Terrier
Jazz - Jack Russell Terrier
Phoenix - Belgian Malinois
Stryker - Jack Russell Terrier
Caroline(Max) Caroline Vaughan Houston, Texas
Canines in Action Max - Border Collie
Carrie(Skye) Carrie Bird Brighton Ontario
- Skye - Australian Shepherd
J-Pal - Samoyed Mix
cassiepants Beth Booher St. Louis, MO
Gateway Flyball

Cassie - JRT/Parson
Marvin - BC Silk - BC

Cassiflyball Jessica Abshire Denver, Colorado
D.E.O. Speedwaggin' Cassi - Border Collie (smooth)
Mia - JRT/Sheltie mix
Cathy Cathy Thompson Lehigh Acres, Florida
High Tailers Lily - border collie
Brandie - NSDTR
Blondie - NSDTR
Puds - NSDTR
Pea - Pom
Queenie - NSDTR
CathyJeddah Cathy Trudinger Croydon, Australia
Croydon Rockets Flyball Team Jeddah - Little Black Dog
Ricky - Border Collie
CattleDog Marty Shepherd Centrevill, VA
C.I.A. Foster - Australian Cattle Dog
Charlotte - BCX
Aspen - Mini Poodle
cheekyminx Lisa Greenwood

Frankston Victoria, Australia

Frankston Thunderbolts Jean - Border Collie
Cheryl/4DN Cheryl Ann Butchko Woodbridge, Virginia
4 Dog Night Cody - Shetland Sheepdog
Connor - Shetland Sheepdog
Mwyn - Shetland Sheepdog
childie Rachel Child United Kingdom
Break-Aways Charlie - Border Collie
chris Chris Dixon Aukland
Chris Christine Kloski Fraser, MI
Fuzzy Lightning Happy - JRT
Trixey - Aussie
Maverick - Papillion
Indy - Papillion
Chulapit Valerie Torres Florida
Dogs Gone Bad Red - Pit Bull
Cindy Cindy Ferlitto Birmingham, Alabama
The Gamblers Cody - Border Collie
Sadie Blue - Border Collie
Tweed - Border Collie
Bella - Border Collie
Tucker - Shack (Sheltie/Jack Russell)
cjhelfer Carol Helfer Portland, OR
Muddy Paws Danya - German Shepherd
Spam - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
CloverandElvis Rhiannon Sinclair

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Eureka Flyball Team Clover - Rottweiler Mix
Penny - JRT Mix
Theodore - Chihuahua
Elvis - Border Collie


Sandra Rothwell

Wilmslow, Cheshire UK

Flying Colours

Poppy - Welsh Border Collie
Kalli - Welsh Border Collie
Morgan - Bearded Collie

CommanderX23 Dwayne Booher St. Louis, MO
Gateway Flyball Marvin - BC
Cassie - JRT
Corinne Corinne Evans Yucaipa, CA
2Fast4Paws Duncan - Cairn Terrier
CrackerJacks Cristine Camp Calgary, Alberta
Elvis - Jack Russell Terrier
Ruby - Jack Russell Terrier
Crazy4Cairns Danie Arnt Birmingham, AL
Alabama Slammers Autumn - Cairn Terrier
Geordi - Border Collie
Ubu - Lab
Dakotah Matthew Wise

Tampa, FL

2 Fast 2 Furry

Twix- Aussie
Amos - Aussie
Indie - Mix
Henry - Mix
Frenzy - Aussie
Sunni - Aussie
Oz - Newfie
Dakota - Golden
Chico-Long Haired Chi
Chalula-Long Haired Chi

Dan Phillips


Quick Silver Cody - Border Collie
Shena - Border collie
Ava - Border Collie
Keegan - Mix
Zipper - Cattle Dog
Darcey(Ruff Riders) Darcey Sare Regina, Saskatchewan
Good2Go Flyball Charlie - Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Ceilidh - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Splash - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cruise - Australian Shepherd
Seven - Jack Russell Terror
Tempest - Border Collie X
Darlene Pino Albany, Georgia No team name yet

Flash - Aussie
Coco - Samoyed
Katie - BC
Puffy - Samoyed
to be announced

Darlene(Sula) Darlene MacDougall PEI
Fast'n FURious Sula - Border Collie , belgin mix
Quest - Border Collie
Lewis - Border Collie
Jonnie Geen Payson, AZ
Heatwave Cody - Golden Retriever
Dash - Golden Retriever
Nitro - Border Collie
Dave Dave Collins Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia K9 Krusaders Chloe - Minature Poodle
Daverley Dave Harvey Fonthill, Ontario
Niagara Rapids Canine Athletes Nutmeg - Border Collie
Paisley - Australian Shepherd
Flirt - Border Collie
DazieFlyball Michelle Rocha Clovis BITP Dazie - JRT
Colby - JRT
Deanna(F&Fpei) Deanna Russell Charlottetown, PEI
Fast 'n FURious BK - Border collie
Brodyn - Border collie
Radar - Border collie
Deb(Jade) Deb Royal Michigan
Two Eris - BC
ShitSue - BC
Rio de Janaro - BC
MisterSister - BCx
Deb(Need4Spd) Debbie Davis Stanwood, Wa
Need for Speed Quantum Quiz - BC
Super Squeek - Rat Terrier
Teddi - BC
Ballistic Brat - JackRat
Dangerous Rogue - JackRat
OutRAGEous - JackRat
Total Riot - BC
Whisper - BC
Debbie(Mandi) Debbie Zinck Bedford, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Mandi - Border Collie
Debbie(Teddi) Debbie Feener Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
OceanMark Flyers Teddi - Silky Terrier
Debbie(Teddy) Debbie Hallar Peoria, Illinois
River City Flyers Teddy - Pomeranian
Indy - Border Collie
Rusty - Miniature Pinscher
Deborah(Abby) Deborah Rozee Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Abby - Belgian Sheepdog
DejaSue Sue Ethier Burton, Michigan
Rude Dogs Deja Vu - JRT
Fury - BC
Ransom - BC
Rage - BC
Dickens - Border/Jack
Omen - Border/Staffy
dgsmith Dale Smith Omaha, Nebraska
Omaha 4-Play Qui - Border Collie
Jack - Flat-Coated Retriever
Corey - Flat-Coated Retriever
Diesel - Border Jack
Diamond Ruman Edmonton Synergetic Surge Sterling - Weimaraner
Volt - Rat Terrier
Race - Border Collie
Diana(Amy) Diana York,PEI
Fast'n FURious Amy - Border Collie mix
Risky - Border/Border
Diane (DART) Diane Sanders Elgin, Illinois
D.A.R.T. Ace - JRT
Tex - JRT
Devon - JRT
Streak - BC
Dianne Dianne Lemmon Ipswich, Massachusetts
Boston Stragglers Nigel - Jack Russell Terrible
DicoryDox Amanda Oswald Indianapolis, IN
None yet Sophia - Rat Terrier
Cheryl Steadman Saint John, NB
Push Play! Denim - Sheltie
Indi - Sheltie
Steele - Sheltie
djhale1 Donna J. Hale Seattle,Washington
- Cairo - Border Collie
dodgerhowe Angie Howe Bristol, England
Swifts Dodger - Border Terrier
Kirk - Border Terrier
Georgie - Border Terrier
mike victoria croydon rockets jamaica - american bulldogX
Dogman Rich Tumbrello Florissant, Mo
Gateway Belle - Border Collie
Max - Black Labrador
dogonit(Elva) Elva Bradley Caldon,Ontario
DOG-ON-IT Target - Border Collie
Cayenne - Brittany Spaniel
Rukus - North American Shepherd
Skoobie - Poodle/JRT
Rheason - Border Collie
Skorch - Staffy/Aussie
Rhyme - Miniature Poodle
Donn Donn Moore Henderson, Nevada
Flying Colors Chloe - Border Collie
Donna(Flash) Donna Lewis Regina Saskatchewan
KAOS Dogsports Flash - Sheltie
Quest - Border Collie
Rush - Sheltie
Doug Douglas Smuck Hannon, Ontario
Border Patrol Flashman's Kruger - Border Collie
Zaboo - Belgian Malinous
Doug Doug Morley Dauphin, Manitoba
None yet Mercury - Rhodesian Ridgeback
Cannon - Australian Shepherd
DougWeller Doug Weller Solihull, UK
Pip - Apricot Miniature Poodle
DrakeNKane Kyle Kurtz Reno, Nevada
Silver Streaks Drake - Border Collie
Kane - Border Collie
Keeper - Border Collie
Frolic - Border Collie
Tag - Border Collie
Buddy - Border Collie
Grant - North American Shepherd
Scooby - Toy Fox Terrier
ECjenn Jenn Bell Cookstown, ON
Extreme Chaos Chase - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Ret.
Frank - S.S. Dachshund
Sassy - Mix
Elisha LaPointe Fredericton, NB
Push Play! Zeus - Yorkie/Maltese mix
Duke - Boxer/Shephard mix
Emily(PEI) Emily Brehaut PEI
Fast'n FURious Lacey - Shetland Sheepdog
Elsie (PDQ) Elsie Wesdyk near Regina, Saskatchewan
Prairie PDQ Dogsports Dyna - Border Collie
Lightening - Border Collie
Quick - Border Jack
Johnny - Border Jack
Punch - Border Collie
Surge - Border Collie
Wicked - Border Collie
Elvis Jeff Kinsley St. Louis, MO
Gateway Flyball Elvis - Border Collie
Sweep - Border Collie
Sting - Mix
Sara - Border Collie
Wisp - Border Collie
Rip - Border Collie
Diamond - Border Collie
Buttons - JRT
Eric(Jessie) Eric Borock Ft Myers, Florida
Ketch This Jessie - Aussie
EricJaggerGinger Eric van Zuyden Croydon, Melbourne, Australia
Croydon Rockets Flyball Team Jagger - Border Collie
Ginger - Border Collie
Tyson - KelpieX
Zoe - XBreed
EssoHndlr Karen Oleson Indianapolis, IN
Hit Squad Astro - Mix
Esso - Mix
Inga - Lab
Orca - Mix
Evergreendog Laura Wallace Denver, CO
R.U.F.F. Dakota - Border Collie
EvilJane Jane Godley Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Tamu - Jack Russell
Chakara - Shiba Inu
Kashu - Shiba Inu
FancyBC Jennifer Williams Las Vegas, NV
Touch This Fancy - BC
Flash - Mix
Venom - Dutch Shepherd
Damage - Dutch Shepherd
Bryson - Belgian Malinois
Viper - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Vanquish - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Stitch - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
feedals Fiona Bulman Sydney, Australia
Shockwave Sasha - BC/LabX
Charlotte - BC Mix Sonia Micola Halifax, NS
Alley Cat - German Shepherd
Bowie - German Shepherd
Brodie - German Shepherd
FeverDog Levi Hilliker Champaign, Illinois
Spring Loaded

Fever - BC
Bubbles - Belgian Mallinois
Pepper - Lab
Riddle - BC

flyballbeagle Stephanie Hamilton, ON
Ball der Dashers Phoebe - Beagel
Major Tom - Mix
Nikita - Mix
Smeagol - Beagle
flyballdad Marty Shepherd Centreville, Virginia
Flyball Invaders Foster - Cattle Dog
Charlotte - BC Mix
flyballdogquinn Donna Edmonton, Alberta
Quadrun Quinn - Rough Collie
flyballfannie Cortney Lannan Loysville, Pennsylvania
Fannie - Border Collie
Auston - Border Collie
Tippy - Border Collie/Smooth Collie
Hank - German Shepherd/Collie
Sinbad - Great Pyrenees
FlyballFCR Courtney St. Charles, MO
Bi State Performance Dogs Maverick - Flat Coated Retrieverfc
FlyballFetish Levi Hilliker Illinois
Spring Loaded Fever - BC
Friday - Border/Border
Pepper - Lab
Flyball Rottie Peter Douthwright Fredericton, NB
Push Play! Bailey-Rottie Mix
Kahlua- Rottie
FlyerXDOGS Lisa Kronz Dallas, Texas
XDOGS Flyer - Border Collie
Kaos - Border Collie
Zoom - Border Collie
Static - Border Collie
Vixen - Border Collie
Boomer - Mix
Jedi - Border Collie
fluna Dave and Bunny Burton Hamilton,Ontario
Rocket Relay Static - Sheltie
Kacy - Border collie
Brighton - Border collie
Frank&Annette Frank & Annette Duguay Moncton, NB
F.A.M.E. Tasha - Border Collie
Fax - Border Collie
Gecko - North American Mini Aussie
Harley - North American Mini Aussie
gabsma Jeanne Davis Roseville, CA
PaulTheGambler Paul Ferlitto Birmingham, Alabama
The Gamblers Cody - Border Collie
Sadie - Border Collie
Tweed - Border Collie
Bella - Border Collie
Gareth Gareth Graham Surrey, United Kingdom
None at the moment Meg - Border Collie
Tyke - Border Collie
Bryn - Border Collie
Gator_JRT Karen Ohsweken, Ontario
Rude Dogs Charlie - Pit Bull
Raven - Border Collie
Gator - Jack Russell
Bamm Bamm - Border/Border/Jack
Tease N Time - Jack Russell
Viking - Border Collie
Flashman's Chyna - Border Collie
Logic - Mix
Liar - Dutch Shepherd
Cyber "S" - APBT
"Mission" - Mix
GayandFiver Gay Harley Hubbards, Nova Scotia
Maple Leaps Fiver - bc mix
glorybe1 Beverly Fisher Winston Salem, N.C.
First In Flight Ketch - JRT
Cinder - JRT
Gord Gord Travis Hamilton, Ontario
Time Bandits Ceilidh - Border Collie
Orien - Nova Scotia Duck Toller
Cricket - Nova Scotia Duck Toller
Bernie - Boston Terrier
Haley(Jeda) Haley Zinck Bedford, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Jeda - Border Collie
Hannh2120 Hannah Black England
hawker Chris and Daniel Barrell Calgary, Alberta
Tailwind Flyball Club Buddy - JRT
Colby - German Shepherd
Abby - Border Collie
Heather(Kayble&Komet) Heather Puddington Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits
Approved Judge
Kayble - Labrador Retriever
Komet - Border Collie
Heather(Oakley) Heather Collens Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Oakley - Shiloh Shepherd
Hikenit Carlos Garner
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Chattanooga Chomp Zinger - Labrador Retriever
Holly Holly Zold Brampton, Ontario
The Boyz Scrapper - Min Pin
King - Min Pin
Scamper - Min Pin
Sally - Border Collie
Taco - Min Pin
IamCanadian (Jet) Mike Bath Pelham, Ontario
Made in Canada Jet - Sheltie
icezima Ruth VanWert LaSalle, MI
Wooferines Kirby - English Springer Spaniel
Ice - Border Collie
Zima - Border Collie
Electra - Jack Russell Terrier
indy Robin Marion Mounds View, Minnesota
Animal Inn

Indy Anna - Border Collie
KickAss - Border Collie
Border Cowie - Mix

Indysmom Pam Koons Michigan
On The Rebound Indy - Shetland Sheepdog
Rookie - Shetland Sheepdog
Luger - German Shepherd
Lazer - White Shepherd
Intrepid Rachel Croley Flint, Michigan
Rude Dogs Intrepid - Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy)
Ouch (Temp) - Staffy
Suspect - Border Collie/Staffy Mix
I-wch-K9s Phillip Taylor Cayuga, Ontario
Supervising Judge


Eric van Zuyden Croydon, Melbourne, Australia Croydon Rockets Flyball Team Jagger - Border Collie
Ginger - Border Collie
Oscar - Bull Terrier X
James(Scooter) James Beckwith Mississauga, Ontario
Power Surge Scooter - JRT
jammers julia markham montgomery, alabama
Birmingham Bandits Mattie Markham - JRT
Jake McCoy - BD
Stellar Reflection - JRT
Hi Cotton Keeper - JRT
Jan Jan Krehbiel San Diego, California
We Be Flyin Kookie - BC
Kruiser - BC
Wrangler - BC
Jane(RampageBC) Jane Orange County, California
Orange Crush Flyball Team Roxanne - Border Collie
Rampage - Border Collie
jeannie Jeannie Swinemar Gold River, Nova Scotia
Maple Leaps Skipper - Border Collie
Sweep - Border Collie
Ceitie - Terror mix
Charlotte - Parson Jack Russell
Jen(BT) Jenny Graziano Cookstown, Ontario

Tumbelina - Boston Terrier
Ray - Shetland Sheepdog
Rockie - Sheltie
Que - BC

Jenn(Heeler) Jennifer Weber El Dorado, Kansas
Chishlom Creek Streak Taz - Blue Heeler
Jennifer Jennifer Fraser Calgary, AB
Dog Gone Crazy California - Mix
Hollywood - Belgian Tervuren
Sugar - BCX
Spice - Aussie
Jiffypop Monica Johnny Utopia , Ontario, Canada
DogZworth Jiffypop - Mini Aussie
Trace - Border Collie
Bounce - Mini Aussie
Joanna Joanna Pettit Victoria, BC
Warp Speed Maggie - Border Collie
Geordie - Border Collie
joanna902 Joanna Halifax Simba - Collie / Shepherd
John(Connor&Lucy) John MacKinley Halifax, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Connor - Border Collie
Lucy - Border Collie
John(Teddy) John Dolan Oshawa, Ontario
- Teddy - Lab / Border Collie
jomana69 jomana jossif khatib

Alexandira, Egypt

JoyToTheWorld Joy Brunton Ottawa, Ontario
Afterburners Chime - Border Collie
REM - Border Collie
Blue - Border Collie
jrtbarbi Barb Durham, NC
DogGoneFast Jade - JRT
Stetson - JRT
JRTJen Jenny Polega Sterling Heights, Michigan
Fuzzy Lightning Tizzy- Jack Russell
Tank - Jack Russell
Vader - Jack Russell
Angel- Siberian Husky
jeannette shelley kent, England Ace's High Flyball Team Trim - Border Collie
Megan - Border Collie
Paws - Collie / Lurcher cross
Molly - Working Sheepdog
Judy Judy Hagan
Board of Directors
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Hawkeye Hustlers Flyball Team Zip - Border Collie
Belle - Louisiana Catahoula
Tessa - Border Collie
Blue - Mix
Ayla - Mix
Cajun - Louisiana Catahoula
Julie Julie Dimler Grenfell, SK
Good2GO Nikki - Poodle X Shih-tzu
Brooke - Border Collie
Paige - Border Collie
Edge - Border Collie
Jules Juli Dandenong Ranges, Australia
Croydon Josh - Flat Coat Retriever
Jumping Jacks Kate Theobald Dartford, England
The Jumping Jacks Jet - crossbreed
Maddie - Border Collie
Toby - Lakeland Terrier
Flyte - crossbreed
Kizzy - W/S
JumpnJax Paul Bason Jr High Point, NC
Blew Bayou Zeke - Jack Russell Terrier
Zoey - Jack Russell Terrier


Jane Smith Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Tux - Border Collie
Bridgett - Doberman
Gretta - German Shepherd
Sophy - Chihuahua
Captain Insano - Jack Russell Terrier
Ditto - BorderJack
Maxine McClung Quartzite, California
none Bits - terrier mix
K9Paul Paul Perrin Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
K9 Chaos
RD - Region 10
Cookie - English Springer
Xena - Border Collie
Kait / Riot Kaitlyn Verna Mount Hope, Ontario
Border Patrol Riot - Border Collie
Saucer - Border Collie
KaosFrnzy Ashley Brandt Champaign, Illinois
Spring Loaded Chaos - BC
Frenzy - BC
Friday - Border/Border
Fetish - BC
The Rabbit - BC
Sizzle - Border/Jack
Weapon - Dutch Shepherd
Tonic - BC
Karen Karen Wood Queensland, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Izzy - Mix
Ripper - Mix
Karen(Keighnin) Karen Lindell - - Keighnin - APBT
KarenShields Karen Shields Sydney, Australia Sydney Psychos Kelsie - Border Collie X Kelpie
Karen&T Karen Michalski St. Francis, Wisconsin
Milwaukee Dog's Great Balls of Fur Teddy - Mix
Kat(Taff) Katherine Ferger Toronto, Ontario
Double Impact Sasha - Black lab X
Taff - Border Collie
Tantrum - Border Collie
Kathryn Kathryn Stein Bennington, Vermont
New England Trailblazers Tequila - Labrador Retriever
Fusion - Border Collie
Brazen - Border Collie
Kathy (Gibson) Kathy Martin Harrietsfield Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Gibson - Doberman
KathyB Kathy Bielecki Grand Rapids, MI
Overdogs Autumn - Border Collie
April - Canaan
kbowen Kim Bowen Dunbarton, New Hampshire
Granite State Racers Pepper - Austrialian Cattle Dog
Usono - Rhodesian Ridgeback
Sadie - Pointer
Jasper - JRT
Kelly Robbins Mount Hope, Ontario Rocket Relay
KellyUWF Kelly Shinn Elizabethtown Pennsylvania
United We Fly Daisy - Schipperke
Daphne - Schipperke
keltykai Pete Ness Calgary, Alberta
Mach 4

Kelty - Border Collie
Kai - Border collie
Gryphon - Border Staffy

KelpieKrazy Bobbi Urness Coaldale, Alberta
Mach 4 Maggie - Australian Kelpie
Shelby - Australian Kelpie
KentuckyDerby Christy Young Pennsylvania
KentuckyDerby - border/jack
Boomer - Australian Shepherd
Rally - BC

Susan Williams Winnipeg, Manitoba Inner drive K9 sports Dexter - xbred
Kenya - Aussie
Streak - JRT
Lethal - Border/Jack
Kim(Woody) Kim Huddleston Flint, Michigan
Paw Busters Woody - ACD
Bentley - Brussels Giffon
KimS Kim Scea Trenton, Ontario
Hot Diggity Dogs

Neo - Dalmatian
Jaquita Banana- Groenendael mix
Ajooba - Min. American Eskimo Dog
C-Ya - JRT

Kino Bob Kinaston Melbourne, Australia
Croydon Rockets Willie - Border Collie
Buddy (3) - Terrier X
Klee Doris Cole Hay Lakes, AB
Northern Power Paws Klee - German Shorthair Pointer
Oliver - Jack Russell Terrier
Krblaze Kathie Blazejewski

Harper Woods, Michigan

Canine Express

Mandy - Border Collie
Rider - Border Collie

Kris Kristina Pickering Las Vegas, NV
Flying Colors Captain - BC
Jem - BC
Mirk - BC
Krista Krista DeLong Belleville, Ontario
Just Paws Kodi - Mix
Molly - Mix
Reilley - Standard Poodle
KRock Kathy Austin Rochester, New York
Buffalo Wings Rocket - Jack Russell Terrier
Bekka - Aussie cross
KylieRR Amanda Vidovitsch Ontario
Running Rampant Kylie - Jack Russell Terrier
LadyVader Kim Davis Kingwood, Texas
Flat Out Flyers

Luke - Labrador Retriever
Indiana - Border Collie
Jennie - Rat Terrier
Stitch - Border Collie

LauraBR Laura Slusher Raleigh, NC
Blockade Runners Sierra - Border Collie/Saluki
Zoe - Border Collie/English Setter
Casey - Border Collie
Laura-Haley's Comet Wayne, Laura, Michael and Sara Brehaut PEI
Paws Unlimited Haley's Comet - JRT
Shooting Star - Standard Poodle
Traffic - JRT
Sonic - BC Mix
Leah(PDQ) Leah Wesdyk Regina, Saskatchewan
Prairie PDQ Dogsports Clipper - Belgian Sheepdog
Surge - Border Collie
Quest - Belgian Sheepdog
Leah(Keela) Leah Kenny Fall River, Nova Scotia
Scotia Dust Devils Keela - All Canadian
Leerie Leerie Jenkins Greensboro, North Carolina

Bella - Border Collie
Jack - Border Collie
Rhys - Sheltie
Freak - Border Jack

Lexi(Kif) Lexi Ottenbrite Mt.Uniacke, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Lily - Aussie
Kif - Border Collie
Linette (Capital Comets) Linette McElroy Victoria, British Columbia
Capital Comets Dog Sports Maddie - Border Collie
Lori Lori Kroening Fredericton, NB
Prepare for Takeoff Chevy - Giant Schnauzer
Myla - Mini Aussie
Eis - Giant Schnauzer
Lou Lou Ann Beister Omaha, Nebraska Omaha Speed Racers Hidden Acers Jet - Jack Russell Terrier
Lou (Top Dog Racers) Lou Lehrmann Dallas, Texas
Top Dog Racers Blade - Border Collie
Rage - Border Collie
love2fetch Ally Stern Toronto, Ontario
Cool Runnings Monty - Border Collie
Bizzy - Border Collie
Circus - Staffy/Mini Aussie
Luann Luann Tillman Minnetrista, Minnesota
BOTC Amy - Border Collie
Zing - Border Collie
Luccismom Lisa Stumpf Redford, Michigan
Mighty Mutts Lucci - Vizsla
Cruiser - Rat Terrier
luckcash Ron Cash Fredicksburg, VA
C.I.A. Mac - Border Collie
Ladyanne - Mix


Joanne Eisnor Halifax LPTL Fergus - JRT
Luna - JRT
Casey - Sheltie
Lugersmom Michelle Koons Novi, Michigan
On The Rebound Ashlee - White German Shepherd
Luger - White German Shepherd
Lazer - White German Shepherd
Indy - Shetland Sheepdog
Rookie - Shetland Sheepdog
LvatorLady beka Palm Springs, CA
2 Fast 4 Paws Matches - Basenji/Jack Russell/Mix
Booger - Basenji Mix
Lynne Lynne Strauss Littleton, Colorado
DEO Speedwaggin' Bandit - Pom/Papillon
Pacific - Pom
LynnJenna Lynn Haskell Everett, Ontario
Dog-on-It Jenna - N.S.D.T.R.
Courtney - American Cocker Spaniel
Vicky - Saymoyd
Mackay2982 Michigan
No Team Yet
MandyLou Stephanie Smith St. Charles, Missouri
Gateway Flyball Mandy - Border Collie
Remus - Border/Jack
Abbey - Border Collie Mix
Flash - Jack/Rat
Margo (PDQ) Margo Rosinski Regina, Saskatchewan
Prairie PDQ Dogsports Maggie - Border Collie
Sweep - Border Collie
Mickey - BC / Lab X
Mark Mark Cimarolli Michigan
Balistics Lago - Belgian Tervuren
Ammo - Shetland Sheepdog
marks Mark Stuart San Diego, CA
Hogan - Black Lab
Friar - Golden R.
Marlon Marlon Klasson Belleville, Ontario
Hot Diggity Dogs C.J. - Mix
Wyatt - Mix
Marly Dianne Zima Ontario
Some Ruff Competition Marly - Border Collie


Marney Boatwright South Carolina
The Pawmetto Pack

Taz - Toy Manchester Terrier
Miss Behavin' - Mix
Panda Monium - JRT

Mary Mary Mynaugh Baltimore, Maryland
No Speed Limit Ziggy - Australian Shepherd
MarySkye Mary Shoebridge Georgetown, Ontario
Double Impact Skye - Border Collie
River - Border Collie
Echo - Border/Jack
Flare - Border Collie MaryWilt Riverview Fame Tango
Border Collie /Australian Shepherd
Mason2Ash Ashley Manktelow Halifax, Nova Scota Mason - JRT
Maureen(Kiwi) Maureen Googoo Indian Brook First
Nation, Shubenacadie,
Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Kiwi - Siberian Husky Mix
Sasha - Siberian Husky Mix
megwatt Glenda Watt Sydney, Nova Scotia Highland Hurricanes K.C - JRT
megnponcho Meaghan Greensboro, NC
Triad Dog Sports Annie - Border Collie
Jib - Jack Russell Terrier
Poncho - Little Mix
Mel Mel Roast

Bragg Creek, Alberta

Calgary Konfuzion Disney-Australian Shepherd
Gracie- Australian Shepherd
Taff - Border Collie
Traffic - Jack/Parson Russell
Luka - Bernese Mountain Dog
Melanie Melanie McAvoy Peoria, Illinois
River City Flyers Kelsey - Border Collie
Kopper - Border Collie
Kristy - Mix
Keno - Mix
Aca - Mix
Kelly - Border Collie
Maggie - Border Collie
Katie - Staffie
Melinda Melinda Kimball Barrington, NH
Maine Coast Runners Cooper - Jack Russell Terrier
Buzz - Jack Russell Terrier
Stanze - German Shepherd
Melissa(Havoc) Melissa Sheehan Dallas, Texas
High Impact Flyball Club Jake - JRT
Dax - JRT
Havoc - BC Mix
Mercuryand Vibe Lynn Lico White Lake, Michigan
Spring Loaded Mercury - BC
Vibe - BC
Hype - Border/Staffy
Justice - BC
Meri(augie) Meri Christensen Madison, Wisconsin
High Fives Augie - Australian Shepherd
MichelleNETB Michelle Gorbutt New England
New England Trailblazers Tucker - All American
Breeze - BC
MikeCT Michael L Porter Connecticut
Ruff Enuff Harry - Border Collie
Isabelle - Border Collie
Mike(Nika & Cruiser) Mike Mattos Toronto,Ontario
Hot Pursuit Nika - Minature Poodle
Mike(Ruah) Mike Galloway Halifax, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Ruah - Chocolate Labrador Retriever
MiniAus Bonnie Anthony CT
Ruff Enuff Jovi - Mini Aussie
Chase - Mini Aussie
Axel - Mini Aussie
missmatchesmommy Becky Reno NV Rumble Dogs Miss Matches - Yellow Lab
Quincy - Black Lab
Mo Mo Hiscock Rainham Essex. UK
Mad Mutts Tweed - Working Sheepdog
Zippa - Working Sheepdog
Deefa - Working Sheepdog
Woody - Working Sheepdog
Buster - Crossbreed
Poppit - Border Collie/Jack Russell Terrier
mokalea Jules Comeau Moncton, NB
Flyball Agility Maritime Express (F.A.M.E.) Moka - Border Collie
Alea - Border Collie
mouseytoon Cindy Shima Torrence, California
West L.A. Whiplash C.J. - Border Collie
Cookie - Maltese
Nancee Nancee Murphy Sarasota, Florida
Dog Gone Osko - German Shepherd Dog
Nancy(Fergus) Nancy MacInnis Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Fergus- Border Collie
Hanna- Mixed breed
Nat Natalie Moroz-Cornell Belleville, Ontario
Hot Diggity Dogs -
Natasha Natasha Dundee
Clatto Clan Jack - Border Collie
Blue - Border Collie
Lynette VandeVenter Loveland, CO Halley - BC
Kacy - BC
Saige - English Setter
Digit - BC
Nick1303 Nicholas Kingston, Ontario

Solo - Border Border
Twister - Border Collie
Zeb - Belgium Teurvern
Antics - Border Collie
Keno - Jack Russell Terrier

Nikesmom Pam Sheehan Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Szoom Flyball Nike - Border Collie
Darby - Yorkie
Kira - Yorkie
Northernrun(huskies) Abby Brunton Havelock, Ontario
- Roo - GSD X
Screech - Alaskan Husky
Jada - Alaskan Husky
Pat - Alaskan Husky
Artic - Alaskan Husky
Artica - Alaskan Husky
NSDTRCarly Belinda Riles Timberlea, NS
Carly - NS DuckToller Retriever
Oreo-JRT Marni Smith Holland Landing, Ontario
Hair Trigger

Oreo - JRT
Andy - Border Colli
Kess - Border Collie
Haze - Border Collie

Paula Paula Salter Tampa, Florida
2 Fast 2 Furry Bonnie - Jack Russell
Gordon - Jack Russell
Peggy Peggy Moore Denver, Colorado
D.E.O. Speedwaggin' Sue - Australian Kelpie
PenelopeAnne PennyLLoyd Croydon Melbourne, Australia
Croydon Rockets Buddy - Border Collie X
Klay - Border Collie
Penny Penny Colby Iowa
Hawkeye Hustlers Madison - Border Collie
Tyee - Border Collie
LZ Jamie - Border Collie
periau Peri Busbridge Canberra, ACT, Australia Canberra X-Factor Kya - LabradorxBorder Collie
Alex - LabradorxBorder Collie
Peter (PDQ) Peter Wesdyk Regina, Saskatchewan
Prairie PDQ Dogsports Breaker - Belgian Sheepdog
Cajun - Border Collie
Pinto Diana Tyson Leominster, Massachusetts
New England Trailblazers Rocco - JRT
Kiwi - ACD
Arrow - Mix
PJStaffy Alisa Romaine Scottsdale, Arizona
Heat Wave Jazz - Staffy
PJ - Staffy
Klondike - Staffy
Phantom - Staffy
Bogey - Staffy
Gunn - JRT
Judi Neil Belgrave, Australia
Croydon Rockets Piper - Rottweiler Cross
Frodo - Poodle Terrier Cross
Rheneas - Pom Border Collier Cross
Puddles Gail Armstrong Toronto, Ontario
- Cheyenne - Miniature Poodle
Madeira - Toy Poodle
Tashina - Miniature Poodle
Martin Emburg Belleville Ontario
Hot Diggity Dogs Quincy - cocker mix
Kelsey - German Shorthaired Pointer
R&D Craig Knowles Oakville, Ontario
Rude Dogs hayley - border collie
raven - border mix
smack - borber/jack
RachelJ Rachel Jonas Chattanooga TN at the moment team less Mike - GSD
RavenMCR Joy Elliott Maine
Maine Coast Runners Raven - Border Collie
Tag - Border Collie
Meg - Border Collie
Jane Horfield So California
Orange Crush Roxanne -Border Colllie
Razzle - Border Collie
Riot - The Famolus OC JRT
RedTriGooser Peter L. Williams Columbia, Maryland
4 Dog Night Lena - Australian Shepherd
Rafe - Australian Shepherd
Gypsy - Border Collie/Boxer
Apollo - Samoyed/Belg. Shepherd
Regina (Ianna) Regina Steiner Somerset, New Jersey
Garden State Barkway Ianna - German Shepherd
Remy Paula Smart Calgary, Alberta
Calgary Konfuzion Remy-Papillon
Steel - JRT
RenoBeeno Sandra Walsh New Jersey
Release the Hounds

Reno - Whippet
Maggie - JRT
Jetzon - Whippet

Rezdogz Randy Maracle Ohsweken, Ontario
Hi-Performance Border Patrol Blizzard - American Pitbull Terrier
Echo - Border Collie
Kitty - American Pitbull Terrier
Bandit - American Pitbull Terrier
Miss Red - Mix
RhiNClover rhiannon sinclair Victoria, Australia
Ballarat*Eureka Clover - Rottweiler x Red Heeler
Penny - JRT x minifoxi, chihuahua, dachhund
Theodore - Chihuahua
Riley Melanie Raessler Edmonton, Alberta
Northern Power Paws Riley - Labrador Retriever
RipperJRT Brian Fay Toronto, Ontario
Rocket Relay Ripper - Jack Russell
Riven Shauna Calgary, Alberta
Calgary Konfuzion

Tessa - Border/Heeler
Riven - Aussie
Lynk - Border
Laika - Border/Aussie
Ditto - Pom
Aero - Aussie
MIPS - Border
Evil- Border Jack

Rob(Freckles) Rob Joubert Valencia, California
Rocket Paws Freckles - Aussie/Retriever mix
Roberta Roberta Harrison Holland Landing, Ontario
4 On The Floor
Rona Rona Halbreich San Antonio, Texas
Alamo Racing Canines Max - Cocker Spaniel
Maggie Mae - Cocker Spaniel
Rosie Rosie Milton Brisbane, Australia
Awesome Pawsome Indiana - Cavalier KC Spaniel
Toshi - Cavalier KC Spaniel
Savvy - Border Collie
RotteeLady Mim Aiken

Arlington, TX

PAC Tex - Toy Fox Terrier
Timmy - Toy Fox Terrier
Cricket - Toy Fox Terrier
Tyler - Rottweiler
Roy Roy Stover Barrie, Ontario
Unleashed Rudy - Border Collie
Kaos - All Canadian
Ruby Tuesday Peggy Castonguay Smithfield, Ontario
Just Paws Ruby - BC/GSD
Nicky - poodle/terrier
rubyburke Kristie Burke Dartmouth, NS
LSN Red Ruby - Boston Terrier
George - Miniature Pinscher
Russ(Shooter) Russ Helganz Canton, MI
Smokin' Paws Shooter - Lab
Dexter - NAS
Mike Galloway Markham, Ontario
Sally Baldwin-Colquhoun

Lisle, Ontario

Cool Runnings

Cooper - Australian Shepherd
Maxine - Australian Shepherd

SamsMom Cathy Lockert Brandon, MB
Cars Sampson - Border Collie
Jazper - Border Collie
Sandee Sandee Stuczynski East Troy, WI
High Fives Flyball Team Chaur - German Shepherd
Taja - Border Collie
FireStorm (Stormy) - Border Collie
Sandra(Jacq) Sandra Heritage Melbourne, Australia
Croydon Rockets Jacq - ACD
Saragp Sara Pauley So. Cal. Region 16
Orange Crush Ulla - German Shorthaired Pointer
Sarah Sarah Stewart Massachusetts
A.R.F.F. Rowdy - Toy Fox Terrier
Rogue - Border Collie

Urs CA Rev it Up! Sassy - BC
Gunner - BC
scoobydoo Gabi Miholics London, ON
Scooby Doo - North American Shepherd
Ice - Jack Russell Terrier
Blast - Miniature Poodle
ScooterBelle Wendell, NC
Blockade Runners

Scooter - Mix
Belle - BC
Sass - BC

scooterJRT James Beckwith Mississauga, Ontario
Power Surge Scooter - JRT
Frenzy - JRT
Tye - JRT
Scott Scott Stein Bennington, Vermont
New England Trailblazers Kiri - Australian Shepherd
Express - Border Collie
Thyme - Border Collie
Viper - Border Collie
scott(headjudge) Scott D. Frerichs Bartonville, Illinois
Sheilagh Sargent Oshawa Ontario PAW & ORDER K9 UNIT Dickens - Cairn Terrier
Forrest Gump - Mix
Frodo - Cairn Terrier
Farouk - Mix
Shannon(Ballistics) Shannon LaValley Midland, Michigan
Ballistics Gunner - Shetland Sheepdog
Pistol - Shetland Sheepdog
Sharon (Sydney) Sharon Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Sydney - English Springer Spaniel
Sheila Sheila Baimbridge Region 5
K9Kommotion Star - Border Collie
Jazz - Papillion
Shelly(Kali) Shelly Malcolm Halifax, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Kali - Golden Retriever Mix
Shelley Shelley Peck Ajax, Ontario
Some Ruff Competition Ralph - B. Collie/Sheltie
Sheri Sheri Zamonski Howell, Michigan
On The Rebound Cosmo - Black Labrador
Astro - JRT
Sherri Sherri Hall Alliston, Ontario
Some Ruff Competition Snipper - Whippet
Trasher - ACD
Sheri(Gideon) Sheri Leavitt Houston, Texas
K9 Kommotion Gideon - Border Collie
Sinbad - Pembroke Welsh Corgi
SherryJagger Sherry Archer Mossley, Ontario

Jagger - Border Collie
Chayse - Border Collie
Cagen - Border Collie

Silkybud Deborah Zufelt Borden, Ont.
Cool Runnings Buddy (aka Bud) - Silky Terrier
Silly Sue Lang Brampton, Ontario
Wisk - Border Collie
Manic - Border Collie
Sindy Sindy Smuck Hannon, Ontario
Border Patrol Spinner - Border Collie
Foxxy - Border Collie
Zippy - Border Collie
Kazoo - Border Collie
Chase - Border Collie X
sirmaximilian Amanda Frederick Las Vegas, Nevada
Vegas Velocity Montana - Mix
Molly - Mix
Max - Jack Russell Terrier
Maddie - Jack Russell Terrier
Harley - Jack Russell Terrier
Jake - Mix
Phannie - Jack Russell Terrier
SkipBC Cheryl Lewis Ontario
Cool Runnings

Skip - Border Collie
Mi Lou - Border Collie

Sly Wendy Smith Chesapeake, Virginia
Psychedelic Blur Logan - Briard
Sly - Briard
Solo - Briard
Scud - BorderJack
Rage - BorderJackJack
Zap - Border Collie
smack Craig Knowles Ontario
Spring Loaded Hayley - BC
Raven - mix
Smack - border/jack
snatale Susan Natale Brimfield, MA
Boston Stragglers Banjo - Australian Shepherd
Fiddle - Australian Shepherd
Guiness - Chinese
socksebast Shannon Bowman

Newport News, Virginia

C.I.A. Brandy - Border Collie
Chip - Border Collie
Fire - Border Collie
SpeedDemon or TeknRo Kristina Crosby Halifax, NS

Rosie - Cattledog / Whippet?

Tek - JRT

Candis California unassigned Italy - GSP
Brooklyn - Boxer
Fossil - Bord Cat
Spooky - Doberman
Jersey - GSP
Skeeter - NAS
spite1 Heather English Howell, MI
RPM Spite - BC
Bounce - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Hope - BC
Moto - BCX
sprocket Nancy Bird Saskatchewan
Diamonds in the Ruff Sprocket - Mini Poodle
Klea - Mix
Echo - Standard PoodleBC
SRC Glenn Hamilton
Emily Venator
Innisfil, Ontario
Some Ruff Competition -
Stacey(Jules) Stacey McVey Kansas
Flexible Flyers Jules - Border Collie
StaffnChess Janice Grimes-Davis Buffalo, NY
Buffalo Wings Beartown Yurok (Zack) - Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Rushing Wings Screaming Intrepid (Maggie) - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Stephanie Macdougall Fredericton, N.B.
Push Play! Winnie - Black Lab Mix
Calvin - Black Lab Mix
StefB Stephanie Berry Halifax, NS
Piper - Jack Russell Daisy Duke - Jack Russell
Steph (UK) Stephanie Rendall Bristol, United Kingdom
Wolf Pack Pia - Cross breed
Tigger - Border Collie
Grace - Border Collie
Charlotte-Rose - Jack Russell Terrier (short legged)
StephINXS Stephanie Doerr San Diego Ca

Charger - Curly-Coated Retriever
Hannah - Curly-Coated Retriever
Kenzie - Curly-Coated Retriever
Jitterbug - Curly-Coated Retriever
Thrill - Borderjack

Stephanie(TDS) Stephanie Padgett Greensboro, North Carolina
Triad Dog Sports
Dusty - Border Collie
Callie - Border Collie
Maggie - Australian Shepherd
SteveZDD Steve Diedrich Scarborough, Ontario
Zippity-Do-Dogs Cassie - Aussie
Brenna - Aussie
Shasta - Aussie
Diamond - Aussie
Bugsy - Aussie
Steve(Pods) Steve James United Kingdom
PODS Darwin - Border Collie
Stormy Josh Watson Bragg Creek, Alberta

Calgary Konfuzion Stormy - Fox Terrier
Gemeni - Jack/Parson Russell Terrier
Slick - Border Collie
STReality Amy Murray Baytown, Texas
Just Say Go! Real'y - Shetland Sheepdog
Ende - Shetland Sheepdog
Suzanne (Tahoe) Mike & Suzanne Rader Halifax, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Tahoe - Chocolate Lab
Sweetie_Shian Kellie M Bechtold Alton Illinois
No team yet Shian - Border Collie/ Beagle mix
Taffie Richard Law Melbourn, Australia
Croydon Rockets Flyball Team TAFFIE - A Cross Lab
tanyaBT Tanya LaPlante Dartmouth, NS
Lietash Push the Limits Molly - Boston Terrier
Megs - Boston Terrier
Kieryn - Border Collie
Taylor(Barkinglot) Taylor Johnston Mississauga, Ontario
Barking Lot Tara - Border Collie
Bingo - Jack Russell
Cricket - Jack Russell
Team K9 Kurt & Nina Klassen Abbotsford, British Columbia
Dirt Devils Allie - B/C B/W
Isis - B/C B/M
Neo - B/C /X
Talon - B/C B/M
Quinn - B/C/X
teazel Arlene Haines Winnipeg, MB
Can - Do Agility Team Desi - Border Collie
Keeper - Border Collie
Guiness - Border Collie
Teri Teri Burger Saginaw, Michigan
Pawbusters & Flyball, Inc. Piper - JRT
Owen - BorderStaffie
Riley - Border Terrier
Bristol Cream - Bouvier
Jester - Mix
Dozer - Bouvier
Terri Terri Pigman Arcanum, Ohio
Extreme Insanity

Popeye - French Bulldog
Taser - Jack Russell Terrier

Terrie(Dot) Terrie O'Connor Houston, Texas
Lone Star Ruffnecks Dot - Border Collie
Chloe - Border Collie
TC - Jack Russell
TerrierHerding Hazel L. Troendle Derwood, Maryland
Corporal Punishment Breaker - Border Terrier
Spice - Shetland Sheep Dog
Wild - Australian Shepherd
Crash - Border Collie
TessnPiper Sue Charlton Edmonton, Alberta
Northern Power Paws Tess - Border Collie
Piper - Border Collie
tezzann Therese Petersson Sweden

Totten - Jack Russell Terrier
Tosca - Labrador
Sabrina - Chesapeake Bay Retriever

thehulk Nova Scotia
Greta - Boston Terrier
tiedye Judy Hagan Iowa
Hawkeye Hustlers Belle - Lousiana Catahoula
Xena - BC
Tyronius Maximus - good question
Bonzi - BJ
Shiver - BC (borrowed)
TiffNV Tiffany Van Tuyl Las Vegas, NV
Touch N Go Lacey - JRT
Mauser - JRT
Pagan - JRT
Demon - Patterdale
Tija Tija Mohr Waterford, Wisconsin
High Fives

Bailey - Australian Shepherd Mix
Rusty - Australian Shepherd
Scully - North American Miniature Australian Shepherd

TJR or Sammi Ron English Rosemont, Ontario
Cool runnings T J - Jack Russell
Ziggy - Border Collie
Oreo - Border Collie
Sara - Border Collie
Jetta - Mixed
Carnegie - Border Collie
Stormy - Fox Terrier
Toddsega Todd Morningstar
Board of Directors
Milan, Michigan
Smokin' Paws Sega - Border Collie
Vapor - Border Collie
Bongo - BC/Staffy mix
Snap - Border Collie
Tracy (Shilo) Tracy Gallant Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Shilo - Doberman
Nitrous - Border Collie
TracyStoney Tracy Moore Windsor, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Tocchet - Golden Retriever
Taz - Ibizan Hound
Charger - Yellow Lab
Dozer - ACD
Stoney - ACD
Tressym Trina Broadfoot Edmonton, Alberta
Leaps N Hounds Tam-O-Shanter - Border Collie
Blackberry - Border Collie/Corgi X
Sydney - Border Collie/Australian Shepherd
Tresta Jennie Netherlands
Megamix spikey - jack russell terrier
baily - border colli
esja - tervurenaer shepard
kajoena - groenendaeler
xandor - shelty
celeste - border colli
bas - withen terrier
brook - border colli
Tristan Wanda Crawford Woodstock, Ontario
M.A.C. Attack Tristan - Papillon
A.J. - American Cocker Spaniel
Trivet Joanne Wright Caledon East, Ontario
K-9 Thunder Trivet - JRT
Tyler - JRT
Tiny Trinket - JRT
Tag - BC
Brandy - Beagle
Trudy(Shaely&Shunka) Trudy Schofield Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits Shaely - White German Shepherd
Shunka - White German Shepherd
TUG Craig MacSween Everett, Ont
Rocket Relay Dona - German Hunting Terrier
Turner - Border Collie
Val(Sprite) Val Peltier New Richmond, Wisconsin
Canine Dirt Diggers Riley - Choc. Lab/Springer
Sprite - Jack Russell Terrier
Biskit - Jack Russell
Vandal Daniel Mazzio

Brewster, NY

Ruff Enuff Blu - Sheltie
Miranda - Sheltie
Vandal - BC
wagtail Keith Ruddock Liverpool, United Kingdom
The Wagtail Scousers Rosey - Welsh Border Collie
Poppy - Welsh Border Collie
wanetta (oskar) Wanetta Evans Nova Scotia
Lietash Push the Limits oskar - fox terrier
wcarrothers William Carrothers Michigan
- Bailey - BC
Sabrina - Golden ret
Wicca Pat Weber Joliet, IL (suburb of Chicago)
Canine Athletics Wicca - Jack Russell
Merlin - Jack Russell
wienerdog Judith Lascola North Augusta, SC
Sirius Competition Greta - Great Dane
Wink Walter Davis Houston, Texas
Lone Star Ruffnecks Duncan - Welsh Terrier
Sage - Border Collie
woof NoreenParrellKokinda Cortland, New York
wpharris Pat Harris Lexington, SC
Sirius Competition Megan - Shetland Sheepdog
Lucas - Shetland Sheepdog
Bailey - Border Collie
xcergy Keith Yockey Landrum SC
DogGoneFast Chakotay - Border Collie
Zemlya Kim Murray Des Moines, Iowa
Cyclone Flyers Dander - Mix
Boru - Brittany
Zephyr Jenn Davis Papillon, NE
Lone Starr Ruffnecks

Zephyr - BC
Shyla - BC
Chance - Border Collie


© Copyright Jane Smith 2002
Created 18 May 1999
Updated 11 April 2004